Two green frog figurines (chinese ?)

Started by Mathieu2400, Dec 01, 2016, 19:10:09

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Hello again,

Now i know this forum, people of my family send me pictures of things they have, and that could be chinese. ^^

My brother's stepmother have this 2 frogs figurines.
Apparently, she bought that many years ago in Africa. But maybe the style is chinese ?

Maybe you can tell me more about these items.
Don't hesitate to move the topic in an other section if i shoudn't post it here.

Thank you.


An other picture ;)


Closeups of the unglazed foot rim and glaze, please. Details and blemishes should be visible. What they sit on could be important too. The backside is important too, to make sure whether they are auspicious three-legged toads.


Ok, i try to add some closeups with the pictures they already sent me.

If needed, i will ask other pictures then.


2 more pictures ;)


And the last ones. Thanks