Chinese black jar

Started by Mathieu2400, Nov 24, 2016, 06:12:49

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Hello everybody!

I'm new on this forum, so thanks already for your help. I like reading it. ;)

I wanted to ask your expert opinion on this chinese black jar.
I found that it's called a "ginger jar" or something like that. It's height is 26 cm. It's in a pretty good state.
My chinese girlfriend says that the mark on the bottom is "Qianlong". And that it could be a wedding gift (because of some children drawn on it).
I guess there is a pretty good chance that it's a fake, but i wanted to know your opinion about this object, because i am not an expert.
Here are some pictures of it.

Thanks again and kind regards.



This is a Ginger Jar, but I think it is 21st century, if it is Chinese, the decoration is modern, the mark on the bottom is not centered and the foot rim also modern, not very collectable sorry to say.


Ok no problem, i have a better idea on this jar now. It's what i wanted.

Thanks for the fast answer.