Kangxi famille verte jar

Started by Stan, Oct 27, 2016, 01:11:44

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Thank so much, great information.


Please stay on course, I said not mentioned 'famille verte' at all. What I wrote concerns all of fencai enamels no matter what color, because the powder had to be added to all in order to stick. Only modern chemical paints containing a medium do stick on the vitreous glazes.
Those things about iridescence are not a hypothesis of mine, but the result of research in China. Most Chinese collectors know this and many more things that are accessible to them/us because we have access to some research information. FYI, major museums in China all have ongoing research on ceramics at any one time.

BTW, once the iridescence has come through, you can wash it off with warm water, but it will appear again after some time, apparently because the lead has worked itself to the surface. That is also the reason it is recommended to NOT use plates or cups, etc. decorated with fencai enamels for food, because of its toxic contents.


Let's stay on course. Didn't I agree on the cause of the fencai iridescence? Are you saying the iridescence on Stan's famille verte the same as the fencai iridescence? Are you saying Stan's Jar is not a Kangxi famille verte?