Chinese blue and white vase

Started by Stan, Sep 12, 2016, 04:25:03

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Hi Heavenguy, on most fakes, it is the foot rim that they try to make it look dirty, the dirt I am talking about is mostly inside the vase, the porcelain I have on display in my house for example, I am constantly dusting it, but the inside I leave alone, Im sure if I had these vases and never cleaned the insides for years the dust with humidity and who no what else in my house would eventually cause a build up of caked on dirt, soap and water would easily remove it but if it has been there for awhile I think for resell it is better left alone, I have had vases that I purchased that the previous owner glued felt to the bottom foot, and I had to use a glue remover and was careful enough not to damage the porcelain.