Green plate with butterflies

Started by heavenguy, Jun 23, 2016, 07:22:24

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I saw this in a store today, and I have a question about them. i have never bought this type of plates. Have seen them as 19th century and some recent  ones made in macau ones.

in my best guess this are first half of the 19th century. if so, what are they. How does people call this. Are they Wucai celadon plates or do they have other names.

Thank you in advance.


rest of pics


They possibly were painted in Canton, but not completely sure. It looks like enamel on celadon with a Qing Jiaqing mark. Probably M&P.


Thank you Peterp. They have a bunch of plates like this with different marks. This two are the ones who are in the best shape. looks like someone collected different plates from different periods... Once again Kudos to you.


Hmm.  How do you read marks like that in the back?  It doesn't even look like normal Chinese to me.  Neither regular script nor seal script.


Hehe...Many of this type pf Jiaqing Marks have only written one half of each character. This is an oddity occurring only in this reign.
I'm sure, if you have a Chinese marks book you will still recognize some of the characters despite this, with those marks that are written in a neat way in this manner. Usually it is still a six character mark of Daqing Jiaqing Nianzhi.