Blue and white porcelain plate

Started by heavenguy, May 01, 2016, 03:37:06

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Hello any ideas on this type of plate. For me its Japanese, but I really can't find something similar. any help will be of much help.

also the foot rim its a little thicker than most stuff I have seen. It shows age signs...



Drop your photo into Google Image Search and type "Ming". This plate is Chinese, but I am unsure of the age. Might be Ming, might not. Not sure the glaze is thick enough.


Arita ware was known for such rings on the bottom, four to three, my guess is early Arita 18th century, however, I do not see any stilt marks on the the bottom so lotsaStuff could be right.


This is one of the most common Chinese decorations; Qing dynasty. I would classify it as beginner's ware. Usually made at Dehua kiln, which produces a low, round foot rim like Japanese wares. But the blue ring inside the foot rim is unexpected. Usually these dishes have just minimal decoration with nothing on the bottom. I think it is a somewhat simplified version of an orchid. There are plates with more details of the same decoration.
Maybe you can upload a side view showing the rounding of the rim.


Oh wow... Never thought of it as a Chinese one. Yes the reason I originally thought it was Chinese is because of the single line on the bottom and the foot rim. and for the life of me i will think that flower is an orchid.

How  late for Qing. You think its a more recent creation?


Although the underside decoration is baffling, it looks right for what I mentioned. I believe they were made throughout the Qing dynasty.


Thank you all, for taking the time to answer.