Qianjiang style brush pot

Started by Stan, Mar 02, 2016, 06:02:43

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Hi Peter, here is another auction win, I did not realize until after I won this at the local auction and brought it home that it is in the style of Qianjiang, there are no shinny enamels on this, I am not sure how old it is, Im sure that the figures are the 8 immortals, I did not pay to much for it and it is very nicely done, the hight is 17.7 cm tall, it is heavily potted and hand thrown, there is hardly any age signs, just a few dimples but no rust spots that I can see and the gold is dull, I know that the Qianjiang would be very light colors and these colors appear to be much brighter, the mark is a spurious Jiaqing mark, and the faces look to real to be 19 century, your expertise is appreciated.


Here are the rest of the photo's, thanks for viewing.


Hi Stan,
The gilt tone is unreliable. It can only be part of the whole, but is not decisive. Today's porcelain colors do also have this type of gold color.
I also have bought items with the same mark, and am in doubt that they are even republic period. I would be very glad if they were, but I suspect they are more recently made. Yes, your is not Qianjiang, and the faces, donkey etc. are really too realistic to be very old. My personal view.
The items of this type all have the same mark style and mark color. They are impeccable with no production of firing related faults or clear age-signs. Mostly they have a base that either looks undefinable or late Qing. The white glaze is usually fairly white, some have a wavy glaze as would be expected.
Overall difficult to say for sure if they are antique or new. I decided to stay away from such items as a precaution. They are what I always call borderline items - meaning items that either are genuine of high quality, possibly guanyao, or just fakes of good quality.


Thanks Peter, I paid $60.00 for it at the auction, and it is all hand drawn, there was little info about it by the auctioneer, my impression was 1960 or later, although I have not seen anything like it being sold out of Chinese recently, thank you for your insight.