Started by moska, Dec 23, 2015, 04:30:58

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Hello , i would like to know if it's a XVIII/XIX Th beef blood vase or later ? It's cracked , 11 cm height ... Thanks



other picture .


With that bottom it looks more like a XXth, I'm afraid.
The shape is also a bit unconventional. Usually, there is a slender neck or smaller mouth. With that shape it would be more likely a spittoon than a vase, but the mouth shape is not right for that either.


I agree with Peter, it looks like, but not sure because the photo's do not really give a good picture of the out side foot where the glaze meets the unglazed part of foot, typical XX century the glaze has been shaved or broken from sticking to the kiln, I can't really tell by these photo's but it looks like the glaze has been shaved, this would not be on real XVIIIth or early XIVth century, also I would like to point out that on early Ox blood vases with a copper glaze there would be slight greenish tones where the red meets the white, or Iron red would have rust spots usually on flambe vases, with small pitting through out the glaze.