Rice Grain Pattern Bowl (marked China)

Started by Hmm, Nov 28, 2015, 12:53:27

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Hi, can anyone tell me the relative date of this bowl?  I'm not sure if it's perhaps a 60s bowl or perhaps maybe a little earlier during the mid-late republic.  The porcelain is pretty thin, thin enough to easily see the colors of my fingers when a light is shinning behind the bowl.




I would think 1st quarter of the 20th century.


Hi.  Any reason why you believe it might be early 20th versus a later piece?  I just recently started looking at Chinese porcelain, so I have little built up actual experience.  I do have a "Made in China Jingdezhen" rice grain pattern gaiwan, that was probably made in the late 70s, which is much thicker, and of course printed.  I don't know if earlier PRC pieces were the same.



I agree with Stan, probably earlier in the 20th century. This pattern is still made today, not necessarily printed.


Thanks to both of you for letting me know.  I initially thought it was made during the Republic period, but later started to doubt myself.