Qing plate???

Started by heavenguy, Jul 24, 2015, 13:37:36

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Is this a Qing plate??? or recent made?  thank you in advance...


This is the willow pattern.
If the outer side of the rim is slanted, then it likely is Canton blue and white, Qing dynasty. I have not seen the trees, etc. being painted in this manner. But, Canton B/W wares are known for their somewhat sloppy painting, which is inferior to those painted in Jingdezhen. Would be Qianlong to Jiaqing, perhaps.


Hi Peter, and Heavenguy, this looks like a copy to me the foot rim is to clean and smooth and it dose not look like the bottom that I have seen on Canton blue ware.


Hey Peterp And Stan,

I hope is not a recent one. Everything else feels correct.

I attached 4 more pictures from different angles so you guys can better see ( I hope) the foot rim.

Peterp is this what you mean by the rim is slanted???

thank you in advance


>>is this what you mean by the rim is slanted???

I think the glaze of the base is still within the range of 18th century quality, which is better than that before and after that.
However, the decoration style is still puzzling.


These photo's look a lot better showing age, but I agree with Peter, the decoration looks like it was drawn by a ten year old, I have only seen reproductions done in this fashion, but without the age signs, your definitely looks old.


Thank you Peterp and Stan,

Your experience has helped me achieve a little bit more experience in the field. I have seen quite a few plates like this with similar designs selling on eBay that made me suspicious myself. But I have also seen some reputable auction houses selling similar designs that gives me some sense of calm. Anywayz it's a little nice piece to have just for the heck of it. Thank you so much both of you for your help.