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Started by erwanto, May 24, 2015, 04:30:23

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Dear all,

I have questions, is that common in a genuine antique the rim of a plate/ saucer has brown (almost golden color). if it does from which period of this technic mostly found.

Peter, do you think my saucer in an antique or just an old replica.

Thank you,



Hi Wan, It looks like the outline of the decoration was printed and then painted afterwards, and the decoration looks like it could be Japanese not Chinese, look for spur marks on the bottom of the plate, if it is Japanese you should see them, sometimes they are very hard to see and sometimes they are invisible to the eye, but look closely, I think the edge is called a rope design and painted brown, the foot would put this if Japanese in the early 20th century, if it is Chinese they did not start using transfer ware until later in the 20th century either way it is 20th century, in my opinion.



Thanks Stan, Peter,

I saw what you meant Stan. it is japanese saucer