Rice grain plate

Started by Stan, Apr 25, 2015, 00:29:46

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Hi Peter, Is this plate 18th century or early 19th century, I just purchased 3 of them at an antique store, the diameter is 22.9 cm and the hight is 1.9 cm, the blue color is correct in these photo's , thank you for your expertise, I will post 8 photo's to view.


Here is the last set of photo's to view, thanks for viewing.


Hi Stan,
I guess it is 19th century, despite the foot rim. The rice grain pattern became popular in the Qianlong reign, as far as I know, but most of it was made in the 19th century and later.

I'm a bit worried about this type of foot rim. Some of mine have this too. The originals made in the 18th century had some color in the unglazed rim, but there are now some which are completely white. I suspect these might have been made later.  I have not found proof yet either way.


Here is a photo showing the plate is out of round, the other 19th century ones I have are perfectly round, that is why I thought it might be 18th century, thanks peter.