Men ping: please help identify vase

Started by Kellycfa, Mar 18, 2015, 14:51:34

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I recently discovered this octagonal vase complete with small lid cover and mark while clearing my grandpa's attic.
The cobalt is dark blue, the vase has a dull glaze, some small crackles and spotted also a kiln firing "pin hole" glaze contraction.
Much appreciated if you can help translate the Chinese mark and estimate its production period.

Have a look:

Thank you


Hi Kelly,
I'm afraid both are fakes, and easy to recognize too.
The year given on the meiping vase is 'Zhizheng eight year', corresponding to 1348, Yuan dynasty. The painting consists of Yuan elements, but the glaze and blue pigment/color is not of the period. Almost all larger Yuan porcelain known is in museums in the west, small items can be found in SE Asia, especially Indonesia. There is only one Yuan blue and white item known to have a mark, and that is in the British museum.
The bottom marking, especially the rectangular piece is not real, as far as I know. There has never been a mark like this in any period.


Thanks for your insights.
So is this a 21st century or late 20th century production?
Can you please help translate character by character especially for the rectangular mark
As well as the other full characters besides zhi zheng eighth year

How did you arrive at 1348 since it mentioned only eighth year?
Can you also tell me what are the yuan elements that you noticed?

Arent the peony scrolls, qilin and phoenix besides the dragon reminiscent of mid to late ming period as opposed to yuan?

Inreresting to note that the blue pigment/color of the mei ping is not comsistent with yuan period
Can you tell me how is yuan blue color and pigment like?

Thanks again for your help.


It mentions a reign name. You have to know when the specific reign started.

Yuan blue and white porcelain is not entry level porcelain, it is researcher level. You have to learn about fakes, glazes and pigments before you can understand it. But then, as it is so rare, most of us will never have a chance to actually lay hands on one.