Reticulated Plates

Started by Stan, Nov 16, 2022, 06:32:09

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Hi Peter and all, I have a small set of Chinese Plates that look like they were a part of a set, I have one large oval plate, 2 smaller oval plates and 5 saucers, they all have the same basket and floral decoration, they are hand painted and the baskets very in size, on some of the smaller plates you have clear bubble bursts, my question is do you think this is Armorial and is it Qianlong period? I did see one at the high auction house, it was the same size and decoration but a different Armorial design.


Here are more Photo's to view.


Here are the last 2 Photo's, thanks for viewing.


Armorial decorations usually should contain a family crest or something similar. Never seen one containing a flower basket...
I have had such a reticulated plate but marked Daoguang, others I have seen also were marked. They had more decoration. Although the foot rim of yours seems to be slanted like the 18th century ones, it seems there are too many glaze indents on the bottom for Qianlong ware. Difficult to tell age this way.
What I definitely know is that slanted foot rims were also present to some degree in the Jiaqing reign. In the early part of the Jiaqing reign quality was similar to that of Qianlong, but toward its end the quality of porcelain production started to decrease. Maybe it is from this part of the early 19th century, Jiaqing or Daoguang, perhaps.


Thanks Peter, Yes I was concerned about the glaze indents, the small saucers do not have the glaze indents like the oval plates do, perhaps they were turned on a potters wheel and the others being oval pressed, Im not sure, thanks as always.