Ming Song? Celadon vase?

Started by smak, Jun 14, 2022, 12:14:35

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Woah! Haven't been to this forum for some time and love what you guys done with it!!!!

What do you guys think of this?



The decoration and its style and celadon color look like Yaozhou kiln ware, but it is probably an imitation. Genuine Yaozhou ware is difficult to come by. Personally I think the carved decoration lines are not clear-cut enough for the real thing. The carved lines do not look clean and fluid as those of old Yaozhou wares, probably because the the person carving it was copying lines, slowing down intermittently in the process. With Yaozhou wares these often show one fluent stroke with the carving tool.

With Yaozhou wares the areas on the bottom and the inside of the foot rim which were not covered with celadon often have a yellowish-brown color. They were covered with some sort of semi-transparent glaze. There may be exceptions but this looks more like one of the many copies.
Apart from this I think the shape is also a bit off. This was intended to be a prunus jar. Please see this link: https://tinyurl.com/s5yb67j7
The dpm in the URL means the images are from the Palace Museum in Peking. Although there are no Yaozhou wares shown, the white or qingbai prunus jars in the top row are from approximately the same period as yours would be. The shape of yours is not a classic prunus shape. Usually, the curves of prunus jars differ according to the period, but they are not straight. I don't think Yaozhou wares were still made in the Ming dynasty, by the way. Hope you didn't pay too much for it.


I see! Thanks Peter! I didn't buy it but more so want to learn how to distinguish if its real and what to look for! I was under the impression it might've been ming, def not Song! Maybe more recent hence ming but def wayyyy more recent haha. 


Good. It would be more likely to find a bowl or the like than a Yaozhou prunus jar, especially with this type of carved decoration.