Late Ming Bowl?

Started by bluebird26, Dec 25, 2021, 13:31:42

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Hello. Merry Christmas.
Thank your for for your website, it is precious for a new collector as I am.
Could someone tell me if this  bowl is dating from the old south east asia export trade?
Thank you.


Not export, probably, but likely late Ming, judging by the decoration. The foot rim condition is a big question, however. I do not think I have seen one looking this way on Chinese porcelain of any period.

Lee Seng Kong

i believe it is a Sawtow ware


Might be, but I would recommend to first find some similar example(s) before settling into that.

Zhangzhou ware (formerly called Swatow by mistake) indeed shows kiln sand, but not of this color and not on the rim itself. I have found only Korean wares with kiln grit adhering to the whole foot rim. The color of bottom and foot rim is a bit too yellow too, as if it was excavated from a place with this yellow earth.
I would also like to draw your attention to the color tone of the blue pigment. If that item is Chinese, I have the impression that the pigment looks much like that of Dehua kiln. Sometimes it is just difficult to decide on which kiln made a specific item.