Qianlong Marked Vase

Started by maxsachin, Nov 24, 2021, 08:44:39

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I have bought this vase from deceased estate sale one year back. I am looking for more information about this vase.

This has flowers all over the body and very beautiful design. I tried to put light inside and it was glowing like lantern. The design is uniform and flawless. No damage at all.

Just wondering that qianlong mark is authentic or fake. Which year this vase belong?

What could be worth of this vase. It is approx 18 inch.

Kindly help me. Is this OK to send it to Christies Auction?

Sachin Gupta


Adding More Pictures...


Close Up Picture


This is a late 20th century item with a spurious Qianlong reign mark.

There is a cyclical year 丁丑, that would correspond to 1997.

The next earlier year would be 1937 in the cyclical calendar, but the style of this would not correspond to that period. My personal view.