Another Chuji Fukagawa made vase

Started by Stan, Jul 20, 2021, 00:17:56

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Hi Peter, I recently acquired a small collection of Chuji Fukagawa Porcelain at a local auction, 13 pieces total, I have only seen most of these in books, that is the early Chuji ware, here is a vase that I believe was made around 1895 to 1920, this is in my book " Japanese Porcelain 1800-1950, page 107 top right. same shape and size and similar decoration.
This is some of the nicest porcelain ever created at the time. P.s the size is 31.75 cm. high.


Here are a couple more photo's, I am posting this to show the high quality of porcelain and decoration that was at that time.


If that is so early, then the decoration style was very enduring.


This would have been fairly expensive at the time, it was probably displayed on a mantel or in an area not handled by others, it is in pristine condition as several other vases from the same collection.