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Started by de munte, Jun 10, 2021, 04:39:13

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de munte

Today I bought this vase.

Can Someone tell me more about it?

I really don't no how old this is.

Greetings from holland

de munte


de munte


Well, it IS difficult to know when this was made, but I would think it is at least mid-20th century for several reasons.

1. The decoration around the central peony is overly simple and not common on traditional porcelain. That decoration was made with brush dotting, a technique that is seldom used this way.
2. The central peony originally used only a "line decoration" (made with thin lines only) no flat area filling, and it looks like being smeared over hear, not neat like they usually are.
3. The completely blue neck does not fit, any traditional decorations have a blue neck with monochromes only.
4. The area along the base has a blue line with unglazed areas (see image below). This would be unusual for anything late Qing when the glaze virtually always went completely down to the foot rim or bottom.*
5. The bottom area is spotless while the base has these unglazed areas, this does not look like something that could have been made in the late Qing dynasty or early republican period either, in my view.

* Stepped foot rims were not common after the Qing dynasty. The unglazed areas along the base look more like those of the late Ming dynasty, which were caused by the glazing method--namely holding items at or near the bottom and dipping them upside down into the glaze, whereas the areas where the finger were remained unglazed. This method was hardly used anymore in the Qing dynasty.

Top image below -- The partial image shows the unglazed areas, and a blue color that is too bright, by the way.
Loweer image -- Shown is the normal blue color and regular painting style of this type of peony.


Due to the problems below I would think this is a 20th century item. That is the decoration and glazing was probably made in the 20th century, it is impossible to tell if the body is old or new too, but the glaze of the bottom is a bit too pristine and faultless for an older item with such an uncharacteristically simple decoration style.

de munte

Thanks for your answers Peter.

I made one photo for the securety.

Greetings from Holland .


Looks better, but I'm afraid even if the porcelain body is old the decoration and glaze may still be newer.