Large Chinese platter

Started by samborsu, Apr 02, 2021, 00:39:49

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Hello, Could anyone gave me some info on this platter? I think it is Chinese but I do not know what period. It is 14" in diameter and 3" high. Thank you for your help


Looks like Ming to me or possibly Vietnamese. nice size bowl if authentic, see what Peter say's, I think you will need to post some close up photo's of the edge where there looks to be chips and a close up of the inside decoration, thanks.


Here are the pictures. there are a few chips on the rim and 2 hairlines


Yes, either Ming or Vietnamese, and I would opt for the latter. I would try finding out more about 16th to 17th century blue and white wares. Many Vietnamese decorations resemble Chinese wares, and that was probably because many Chinese kiln workers emigrated there during the various sea bans when exports from Chinese were impossible, thus reducing the work opportunities in export-oriented kilns.


Hi samborsu,
You and smaks posts have made me dig further into this. I hope you will read about the result in the other post. It seems it was Ming after all.