Song bowl #2

Started by smak, Mar 08, 2021, 13:40:33

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What do you guys think? When and where might this be made?




Not Song with that type of glazing. Also, if bowls would have been stacked for firing, a circular unglazed area would be more likely instead of the five unglazed spots - if Song. On the other hand, the glazing could be Yuan, but the base shape is not looking like Yuan either. It is more likely also Korean like the other.
Those unglazed areas are usually a sign of stacking in the kiln, but the underside shows nothing. Anyway, this type of supports can be frequently found on Korean porcelain, but not on Chinese ceramics of that period. The foot rim looks as if some tool may have been used -- could it be that support cones were removed from the foot rim or bottom?