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Started by de munte, Dec 05, 2020, 05:28:17

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de munte

Few weeks ago I bought this bowl. I think it is a modern one and japanese. But it's a beautiful bowl in my opinion.

Can someone tell me more about this bowl?

Greetings Peter

de munte

A friend of me told me today that the characters means " emperial " ( emperor ).


That is indeed the first character's meaning. The second one is difficult to read.

(Looks as if the Japanese kiln workers just can't write standard Kanji,or don't want to; perhaps they want to add their own flavor to it. They often change or abbreviate the strokes to their liking at the cost of readability.)


Very nice bowl, I can't say that Ive seen the mark before but the bottom and foot looks modern, it is probably just a few decades old at the most.

de munte

thanks for the info

I hope I will find more info about this bowl. When I know more I write it here.

When this is real empire porcelain is that rare? or expensive?
Yesterday i've hear that this mark is not beatiful painted enough for a emperor himselfe, but maybe for his staff.



If for example a mark says Royal Copenhagen,do you think the Danish royals are in any manner involved in this? Why should there be any connection with the Japanese emperor?