Opinion in famille noire vases

Started by mb1991, Oct 23, 2020, 23:21:12

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Dear peterp and Stan,

Thank you so much for all the help here!

I would like to ask you again for your kind opinion on this pair of vases.
My guess is early 20th , and maybe de decoration was painted over an stencil?

What do you think?




more pics:




These are temple jars. Is there a horizontal seam visible inside, somewhere in the middle? If not, your dating is probably about right.
The foot rim shape is unusual for earlier in the Qing dynsty, but also for much later. It is not a common 20th century shape either.
Basically, the decoration colors and the peony shape are in Kangxi style, but not necessarily made then. The black background color on the top rim and in some other areas slightly covering the decoration, shows that it was painted on later, possibly to cover something. If that is peeling off color inside the peony that might have been a reason.
Age signs may be better visible on the underside of the lid and inside the jar, on the bottom.