help to identify japanese charger

Started by morris, Aug 08, 2020, 19:44:33

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any help appreciated to Id 16 inch charger with apocryphal mark


Please provide larger pictures with better resolution so that details are visible. Pictures can be up to 100 kB.
The plate has a spurious Ming, Chenghua mark.


updated hopefully with improved photo's 16" charger


These images are to small as Peter has already mentioned, please show a close up picture, one of the decoration that is clear and one of the bottom at an angle showing the outside and inside of the foot.


Hi again, you can upload new pictures by replying to your own post. No need top open a new topic.

I'm afraid you are misunderstanding the need for a higher image resolution. You enlarged the pictures pictures' dimensions without increasing the kB size, which results in an even lower resolution. However, the pictures should have higher kB size (up to 100kB per image) and should have a width of about 600 to allow inspecting details in the glaze, etc. It may be necessary to take new pictures to achieve this.
With the current pictures one could only say the plate has a Japanese decoration, a spurious Ming mark, but it is impossible to see any age signs like production deficiencies in the glaze, etc. that help with dating; that way the plate could even be printed and it is not visible. What should be clearly visible are details, even flaws in the bottom, foot rim and decoration. They can be partial pictures.