19th century vase -period?

Started by JjGhandi, Jun 01, 2020, 01:59:05

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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine has this dragon/peacock vase.

What would the accurate period ne?
I'm assuming anywhere between Daoguang and Republic.

Any info is welcome!

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More pics


Hi JJ, This is a typical Late Qing bottom, notice how the glaze on the bottom is wavy and the foot is typical of this period and almost always one side is left blank " without decoration ", this would be Guangxu period, nice vase.


Hi Stan,

Thanks! Good riddance.
How could you tell that it's Guangxu and not for example Daoguang?




Let me say it this way...it is more likely Guangxu because such big vases, with similar workmanship and decorations were most common then. The background color and painting style was just more common for the late Qing dynasty, but we cannot always tell for sure when exactly an item was made; it is just 'uncommon' to see such big vases of this type in the earlier part of the 19th century, not even in the Tongzhi reign. It seems that in the Daoguang reign smaller items were more common, while production saw a downward trend. In the Guangxu reign, on the other hand, there was a revival of porcelain productions, both in view to quality and quantity and such big vases are mostly attributable to that period.


Hi Peter,

Thanks! Great information!

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