Chinese vase?

Started by Ronny, May 23, 2020, 22:55:56

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I bought myself a nice vase, is it Chinese?
It has a mark, not that good but I believe its Qianlong?
And is it real Chinese, what period, I think its not that old.


Maybe late 20th century, with a spurious Qianlong mark.
The details are not shown close enough in the pictures, but it could be that the black outlines/contours are printed and then the colors filled in by hand.


Ok, I was already thinking that the mark was Qianlong, thanks for the answer.
And ofcourse the mark is spurious, it is never a real Qianlong what I buy, I am not that lucky.
And I also think what you say that the picture is printed but I never see this before.
But it is a nice vase to put my flowers in.


Please go to the main site to learn about the (non-)usability of Chinese marks for dating.


I agree with Peter late 20th century and possibly later 21st century.