Large Celadon Dragon Jar

Started by Stan, Feb 28, 2020, 02:22:01

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Hi Peter, I purchased this from the same auction, these are items that were put on consignment. is this just a good fake or is it really old it has very nice dead bubbles in it, and looks old, the hight is 26.03 cm and the width is 36.19.


Here is the last of the Photo's, thanks again.


Hi Stan, I'm afraid this is a fake. This is imitating a Yuan dynasty decoration, but glaze, bottom and color are all wrong, in my view. In the last two years or so I have put special emphasis in learning about white wares of the Tang to Yuan period. I do not think this would fit in. Also, the seam between upper and lower part of this item should be very easily recognizable, inside, with an item of the supposed period. It is not there. So, manufacturing method is off too.


Thanks again Peter, I did not pay to much for it at the auction house, they said Ming style at the auction, even for a fake it is pretty nice, It fits my budget, Ha Ha.