B/w plate. Kangxi revival?

Started by Pablo82, Oct 16, 2019, 06:08:26

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Hi Peter and Stan,

Usually it is fair to assume that a four character Kangxi Mark means Guangxu period. But the bottom rim of this plate Is very slanted on outside and colors and shape look older. Could It be mid Qing? Thank you!


Hi Pablo, looks like it could be Kangxi, do you see any bubble bursts on the bottom, They did do some 4 character marks with double circle but not many, I have 4 small plates that I have not had authenticated but the bottom decoration is the same as yours, lets see what Peter says.


I agree with Stan, seems to be Kangxi M & P, export ware.

(Not sure if such a mark is indicative of the period of the Kangxi reign. It probably would with domestic porcelain, but export may be different. The use of the reign mark by private kilns was prohibited in the late Kangxi reign.)


Thank you for your expertise, Peter and Stan! Yes, I can see several bubble bursts on the bottom. The plate Is heavily potted and 27 cm large. I always learn something new from your answers.