Plate - 18 or 19c?

Started by haukech, Sep 05, 2019, 04:35:44

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Dear All,
Recently got hold of this plate, approx 23cm wide and 2cm high.
Its my first of this kind, inspecting the rim i am not sure of the period.
Lovely display of scenary in three windows incorporated in underglazed blue. I see more green than rose pallet elemnts, even some gilt details.
Thanks for your comments.


Here more details from the scenary.


The bottom looks like 18th century but the decoration like the scrolling vines look much later in my opinion.


Is the foot rim actually rounded (worm back)  as it seems in the pictures or is it more sharp? This type of foot rim should not be rounded if it is Qing dynasty. Basically, this would be an 18th century made porcelain body, but the rounded rim would mean it is from much later in the Qing dynasty. The decoration could be from the late Qing dynasty too.


Difficult to judge honestly.
When i follow with the finger the inner circle i feel it is sharp somehow. Also the bottom but when it connects its kind of smooth.
Guess some video explaining this would be of great help.