Japanese Pot Vase?

Started by wildflowerfield, May 12, 2019, 01:49:06

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can someone tell if this is a Japanese Vase, maybe a Shigaraki Stoneware Vase? Sadly i see no mark. Can also someone guess its age?

Link to the pictures:

Thank you in advance.



Sorry this is out of my range of knowledge.


Seems to be modern studio ware. Compared to antiques such items have almost not age.


I would agree with Peter 100% on it being modern studio ware. I'd say it's no older than the 1950s at a stretch.
As to origin, the neck of the vase is not one I have seen on Japanese pieces before, but in contemporary pottery there are always exceptions - if contextually it should come from Japan then it could well be Japanese (e.g if you bought it from Japan or a Japanese person), but otherwise there isn't anything about the shape or glaze that enlightens me as to the region it's from.
Sorry I couldn't provide a decisive answer.


Thank you all for your answers. I dont care if it is a modern piece at all. I like its shape and style. I just wasnt sure, if it is a Asian (Japanese) Artwork.