Bluewhite bowls with koi carport decoration

Started by hoogenbosch67, Apr 15, 2019, 01:21:17

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Thanks for your opinion. Seems to look like new but have some visual agemarks. Are these fake?
Killn sand on bottom and front, orange stripe on footrim and rustspot on front. See photos. Greetings Jan


First of all, normally all such plates or bowls with carps have some underglaze red in them; I have seen only one exception until now, and that was darker in color (blue) and crudely painted. These would be wares made sometime in the early 20th century, during or after the republic period.

Yours has some remarkable differences that makes it seem they are not of the same origin and age.
The underside of the rim looks like a type of celadon in these pictures. The connection between rim and base is rounded, which usually points to later manufacture. The criss-cross lines depicting the scales were obviously painted or drawn with the help of some tool.
It might well be that such items are still being made. The most problematic in my view are the scale lines, as mentioned above.
Anyway, even the original items I have seen, despite being definitively old, have little value for collectors, I am afraid. They were probably made in fairly huge quantities for the common people after the Qing dynasty. I would recommend to obtain such items only if they are low in price.