Early Qing? Herb Grinder.. Wheel?

Started by smak, Apr 02, 2019, 21:54:01

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Hi All,

Need your input on this! WHen was this made? And why was this made in porcelain? Wouldnt it break easily?



Im not sure what this is, it looks like a canoe, from your picture 371 jpg it looks like the decoration on the top of the canoe  is peeling off indicating some kind of transferrer ware, is that write?


Thanks Stan! I'm not too sure if it was a canoe, would be a first time seeing it!

The colors of those two pieces do not look identical but this is what I thought it might be, a herb grinder! When do you think this was made?

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Did you examine the top where it looks like the decoration was maybe glued on, is it paper or glaze? if it is transferred decoration it would be 2n half of the 20th century or later.


Basically such porcelain grinders do exist. There are also porcelain mortars/pestles.

I do not understand why the inside and bottom should be covered in such a dark color, if this is antique and used. They most likely would be used for food, herbs, etc. which hardly would result in such a color. Which again means it was painted on. And, you would not be painting the grinding surface but leave it rough, normally. The inside of mortars are usually also rough, unglazed, for better effect.
Then, as the porcelain glaze, blue pigment used, and better painting style show that the wheel is not from the same manufacturing batch. Actually, the painting of the bottom part is overly negligent, giving the impression it might be a fake. Not sure though, this might require a hands-on inspection to make sure.