Ming Plate? With Double circle.. (Kinda have doubts but..)

Started by smak, Mar 17, 2019, 09:57:59

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Hi All!

Thoughts on this? I was not aware of Ming having double circle marks..

Definitely looks like Ming but let me know!

When was this made?


Width / 11.973 inch ( 30.7cm )
            12.012 inch ( 30.8cm )
Height / 2.535 inch ( 6.5cm )


I'm afraid the bottom view alone clearly shows that this is a fake.
The shape is also wrong. I would try to get familiar with foot rims, because they give an important hint to age. The rim shown here did never exist in Chinese antique ceramics. This shows clear signs of age faking.


Thanks Peterp!

Yeah I figured, the double circles are usually a Qing Dynasty Kangxi period mark.

Much appreciated as always!!!


It's not the mark. We should never rely on that. That base and rim shape are just impossible...