Chinese Song dynasty Cizhou White glazed Bowl

Started by calder, Mar 11, 2019, 00:26:33

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Hello looking for some advice.
Bought this bowl recently,the seller said that it had a hairline running round the bowl.
When looking at it closley it infact it had been broken in half and reattached.
I paid ?100 for it.
Is it worth that even with the damage? or should I send it back ?


Yes, this is an obvious repair with some splitting at the top.  You could ask them and see if they would lower the price if they misrepresented it.
Finding a similar item might not be easy, but if you want to sell it later it may be difficult with that.


As you said Peter it would be difficult to locate another one.
The seller asked for it to be sent back.
I think I might keep it as it displays well.