Late Ming Plum Vase?

Started by smak, Mar 08, 2019, 11:11:33

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Hi all,

This seems a bit off to me but what do you guys think?

When was this made?


Looks as if it could be Ming Interregnum period item or a bit later. I say "looks as..." because the glaze does not show the usual glaze flaws or age sign visible on average items of that period. And the foot rim appears to be a bit wide. I have some doubts about the bottom.  My personal view.


Thanks Peter,

I was thinking it could be made in later Qing or even a modern replica.. Kinda hard to say, but the glaze does look as if its not of Ming period.. but with Ming design.


I get the feeling that a part of the foot rim decoration is drawn with the help of a ruler (see pic nr 23, 25)


Not to mention the Starburst bottom which I believe is a 20th century trait,


Star burst bottom?  Do you mean the chatter marks? These are basically a sign of certain times, they are not visible always. The cause is the axial fluctuation of the wheel when the bottom was shaved with a bamboo. Has to do with quality of the wheel used. The interregnum period had some items with chatter marks, the late Ming (e.g. Kraak) and early Qing dynasty up to about Yongzheng also have occasionally items showing them under the glaze, but few. They may be from certain kilns with old wheels, perhaps.

Some 19th century Japanese items do have them too on glazed bottoms, often accompanied with coarse kiln sand. This are age faking signs, and the marks are often too regular.