A Blue & White plate that celebrates new year!

Started by KevinDemuynck, Mar 04, 2019, 03:11:43

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Hi everyone!

So you'll probably have never seen me post before, correct I'm new.
Also pretty new to collecting. I started almost 2 months ago after stumbling into an auction.

Now I've always loved porcelain & earthenware but never stopped to think that it's collectible.
So I decided to just go for it and no longer stand still to the idea.

Now recently I bought a lot of plates that I found interesting, these were attic finds. Now a lot of them are reproductions,
these weren't hard to figure out but 1 of them I can't seem to authenticate... Now I've followed all the steps and tried different approaches. But oh well... Hope you guys can be of assistance!

I would love for this plate to be something special so I can finally unwrap my party hat and do a little dance!



your welcome.

I am not sure, but from your photos it looks printed. Can you see or feel, if it is handpainted ?


This is either a recent product, or it is Japanese despite the Chinese motif. It also looks as if it was printed.


This looks like a fake to me the foot is all wrong for Arita Porcelain.