Kangxi imari saucer with silver mounted harp

Started by Rec, Feb 01, 2019, 23:33:19

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is this a 17 /18 century chinese imari saucer probably used as a bonbonier?
Greeting , Rec


Imari style it is, the question is whether it is Chinese or could be Japanese.
A side view showing the curved sides clearly, and a view of the foot rim might be helpful. From these pictures it looks as if it could have a non-standard shape. But that could be because there may be a distortion when viewed at an angle from slightly above or below.


Hi Peter,
I removed the frame and here are the photos of the footrim


This looks like Chinese Imari to me, the typical blue, red, and gold on Kangxi and later.


Not sure this helps but that looks like a Lyre rather than a traditional type harp.


Perhaps I did not explain clearly, the contour (rounding or curvature) of a Chinese and Japanese plate as well as the proportional relationship of top rim and foot rim diameter is the only difference between a Chinese and Japanese item with Chinese decoration. We are talking of shape... paintined decorations are more easily copied. On the surface it looks Chinese, but I have seen Japanese items that looked perfectly Chinese, except a minor part of the shape.  :-)

In this case the actual foot rim shape would also be needed to make sure if it could be 18th century or if it is later. This is only visible with a view straight from the side, I'm afraid.


Maybe it is Chinese, but I have doubts about Kangxi, mainly because of the bottom glaze condition (the glaze indents), which is not typical. Perhaps later...