Couple nankin vases End 19th century??

Started by hoogenbosch67, Mar 11, 2019, 04:23:32

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I would like to hear your opinion on these nankin vases.

Height 36cm and weight each aprox. 2kg300

Thank you Jan



Late Qing Fangge (=Ge crackle glaze imitation) ware with warrior decoration. Often the mark is a Chenghua mark. Here is a Kangxi mark that is also apocryphal, of course.

(BTW, the term Nankin (Nanking) for porcelain is used by the Japanese to indicate wares made at Jingdezhen.)


Thanks Peter that makes since, I was arguing awhile back someone was saying a like kind vase was Japanese and I said Chinese but now I know why he thought Japanese "Nanking" for porcelain used buy the Japanese to indicate made at Jingdezhen .