Strange item in auction

Started by johnno42000, Nov 19, 2018, 00:54:29

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I've seen this unusual item at auction but can't find anything out about the maker. The auction house description is ' An interesting Japanese glazed porcelain figure by Fukuuka Kyushu, H. 20cm.'. Has anyone heard of the person, if so could you let me now more about them?


I have never heard the name Fukuuka, but the name Kyushu is a place where Satsuma earthen ware was made, without seeing the bottom or back or mark it is hard to say but it looks like a Japanese modern item to me.


Look for Fukuoka, a major city. The item is new.


Looks like this Fukuoka celadon green whise man I have here. Estimated end 20th, beginning21st century


The green one's face looks like an old man's mask used in No. Hoogenbosch's figure could depict a spectific person. Seems to wear clothing of the Heian era or somewhat later.