Chinese Imari ?

Started by konniela, Oct 27, 2018, 04:35:49

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Hello everybody,

Imari is a realy difficult thing to me. Chinese ? Japanese ? I try to  learn, how I can distinguish them (in the next 100 years).

This is a chinese Imari plate !


Chinese, 18th century.


Thank you for quick reply.  I know, pieces like this are not rare, I have seen a lot.

peterp all export porcelain :-)


So these are 18th century?. I'll have to read up because they look printed. I didn't know printing of porcelain went back that far. I see the Chinese bit. They don't look Japanese. 18thC...Wow. I need to read more.


Hi David, this is clearly hand painted and looks like other Chinese Imari that I have seen, looks right to me.
BTW what is the diameter size thanks.



I bought it and I can ensure you, that it is handpainted.

The diameter size is 26 cm.


That is a good size plate.


The most similar plates  have a diameter size between 22 and 23 cm. Also they are old, you can find a lot of them, it seems, they made a large number of pieces for export in the 18.Century. 


From what I understand the larger pieces are fewer and more collectable.


I looked a little bit around and you are right, Stan, I could not find a lot of plates with this diameter. I did not realized that, when I bought it.  Thanks for that additionelly information.