Arita Fuki Choshun ?

Started by konniela, Sep 30, 2018, 23:32:00

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Hello everybody,

this piece is offered here as a chinese plate, but I am sure, that it is from Japan. The mark seems to be Fuki Choshun, used mainly 1868-1912. But I also found older pieces (1720-1770) with such a mark and decoration.

The foot rim lookes slanted and to me it looks realy old.

Can it be from Mid Edo ?

Thanks for interest and help.


Hi Konniela, Im thinking late Edo because of the 4 blue rings on the bottom, Im not sure when Arita started this but it is seen often in the Meiji period, but the blue color makes me think older than Meiji.


I am not sure, if I should buy it , because it has several hairlines.  Late Edo is not so bad, but it is not undamaged.


A hairline crack does hurt the collectable value, but if it is cheap enough it would be a good example of what late Edo should look like.


You are right, a good  example for late edo.  I am a little bit sad, but it is gone. Otherwhise, I have seen it and I have good photos, so I can remember well. May be I can find one without damages.

I cannot buy all I see but I try to find out as much as I can.  Sometimes it must be enought to see and find out.

Thanks for all