18 century chinese / japanese imari

Started by Rec, Sep 04, 2018, 01:01:35

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hi guys,
what is your expert opinion on this 30 cm dish wit overglaze polychrome enamel design? could it be a 18 century piece ?


Hi Rec, the outside of the foot looks like it is straight up, if it is it is 20th century.


I do not know that much about Japanese shapes, but that rule with the straight foot is valid for Chinese porcelain, especially that from Jingdezhen. Is it also valid for Japanese? Many of the foot rims I see on Japanese porcelain resemble more Dehua kiln rim shapes, for which the above rule is also not applicable.


This would be from Arita and they had a very distinct curved foot in the Edo and Meiji period, early in the 20th century is when you start seeing a straight foot, that is on chargers and plates, bowls, cups, saucers you can find them straight slightly curved foot on early Japanese, the Japanese copied the Chinese early on  and seemed to hold to tradition until the 20th century, if I am wrong about that I would be interested in something suggesting otherwise this is just knowledge from my experience.


Got it, Stan. My apology, I should have read your post more carefully. I was thinking 19th century while you wrote 20th century.