Canton rose border/center unusual combined with neoclassical blue enamel rims?!

Started by kdr, Aug 20, 2018, 00:22:14

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Based on the fruit and flowers in the Canton Rose style, I suspect this plate (about 22.5 cm diameter or 8.9 inch) to be second half of 19 th century? Does this fit with the foot rim?
I bought it because of the unusual combination with the blue/gold enamel rims - and the absence of the medaillons.
Has anybody seen this before? Did the Chinese do this, or has it been done later (e.g. in Europe)?

The porcelain is not white, it seems to be of poor quality: lot of cracks and bubbles, sandy instead of white,... In which time period was the quality so "bad"?


Hi Kdr, this was a 18th century blank that was decorated in the 19th century in my opinion.


Hi Stan,

Did they do that often, using old "stock" plate?
Have you seen this combination of Canton rose and blue enamel rims before? i don't find any pictures of it by the internet, so far.


Probably Jiaqing or Daoguang reign. It is said that they used Qianlong style blanks until far into the Jiaqing reign.
With Canton wares the blanks were fired in Jingdezhen and then transported to Canton (Guangzhou) for further decoration and a second firing.. So they must have had quite some stock. If the blue is underglaze, then that would have been painted at Jingdezhen before the first firing.