guangxu jars

Started by ssbill, Aug 11, 2018, 14:05:20

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In your opinion, do these jars look like early 20th pieces?


The bottom looks as if it was republic period at least.


Thank you peter, is it true the white just be more opaque and less translucid?


Never heard of this. Apart from the pristine looking glaze, the connection of the foot rim to the interior base does also not look like Qing.


The scrolling lotus design and decoration is the same as ones coming out of China now, even with the nice Guangxu mark, the Qing and republic would have a much nicer decoration, in my opinion.


ssbill, I remember reading in a book, trying to remember the source, that so-called "snow" or bleach white glaze only existed starting in the Republic period (and briefly during part of the Yongzheng reign).