2 Chinese Porcelain men figures

Started by Cecilia, Jun 01, 2018, 02:31:24

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Hello, my daughter has received these 2 statues as a thank you present from a very old and wealthy lady, therefore we are assuming they might be worth something, but we are totally ignorant about Chinese Porcelain.

Please help us understand if we should do something about them or not.

They are 50 cm tall, and have been in the same family for decades, unfortunately no certificate of provenance was given with them.

I'm adding a few pictures, including marks underneath, please let me know if you need to see any other detail.

Thank you for your help,


Hello Cecilia
Just wait a day or two before the real experts get to you. I think they are painted beautifully so are quality items whether antique or vintage. Let's see. Best wishes


I can see that one says "????????" on it.  A quick google search suggests that they were making things in the late Qing/Republic. 


Thank you David and Hmm,

Its true the quality of the painting and detail is beautiful, even more so than I can show in low res pictures.

The man with facial hair has a damaged hand, possibly glued on after breaking apart from the body.

I'd be so grateful if any one reading could give me more information on them!
Do they look authentic or fake?
Shall we look for a professional appraisal? How much is it worth spending for appraisal?

Sorry total novice here, any guidance gratefully received.