Blue and White Chinese Dish ID

Started by LegacyMan, May 05, 2018, 19:30:35

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Cannot find these marks.
They are "naturally" blurry (this is how they look, not photograph distorted).
About 10" diameter
Thank you


The picture of the bottom at a straight shot dose not show the foot properly, could you post a photo of  the bottom at an angle showing both inside and out side of the foot, thanks.
The mark shown on the front is a name of someone that owned the plate at one time or another, he or she marked it for ownership.


This is only shot of foot I have, sorry.
Any idea on age?
I was unaware that owner would mark pieces.
Thank you!


The blue color looks like it could be Kangxi, see what Peter says.


Too bright for Kangxi, I think, Stan. The blue was bright only during a very short period in the Kangxi reign.
The decoration is that of a specific dragon, but here it looks almost like a caricature. The foot rim could mean it is Dehua, but the owner's markings are strange. The lines should be made by many tiny holes lined up, and they are punched into the glaze. None are clearly visible here, as they normally do.

I would not buy this if you haven't already. It could be that some age faking has been going on with this.


Thanks Peter, I know that the bright blue color was used for a short time, but the decoration I had now idea, thanks for explaining, that is one strange looking dragon.