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Started by konniela, Feb 17, 2018, 20:31:09

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Hello again,

I could get two nice plates, here the first,  and I have a little hope, that it is 18.century, may be export. It is restored, but that does not matter.

Thanks for help


This looks odd to me, the bright blue for one, the back looks like 18th century and the front looks like it has been redecorated and the fact that it has been damaged would make it less collectable.


You should check if the outer face of the foot rim is slanted. Only then could it be 18th century.


I still have my trouble with foot rims. To me it looks slightly slanted.
What I can say is, that the foot rims of both plates are different. Here the unglassed part is much smaller.

May be the photos can help


Looks like Yongzheng export porcelain to me. And yes, that foot rim shape is what I expected to see. But the black lines in the blue rim decoration look a bit odd. I would expect those to be a darker blue, or have thinner lines, instead.