A crackle blue and white brush pot

Started by heavenguy, Dec 12, 2017, 08:38:17

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I found this really weird looking brush pot. My best guess was Japanese but couldn't find anything as Japanese. I found some similar pieces as Chinese. I didn't know there was this crackle glaze and above it like white porcelain and then underglaze blue.  There is a 4 character mark but couldn't find a similar one in my marks reference book.

Any help will be highly appreciated it.


the top and bottom.

Thank you in advance.


I was going to say late Qing, but seeing the mark I am having doubts. The mark looks as if the one writing/drawing it had not the least idea of writing the strokes of Far Eastern characters, but just tried to copy some. That is neither proper Chinese, Japanese nor Korean.


Thank you PeterP,

You are right, The mark looks kind of sloppy...