A white garlic mouth vase with dragon.

Started by Stan, Dec 01, 2017, 00:36:55

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Hi Peter, I just picked this up at the local auction, it looks to me like it could have been a burial object, the dirt dose not come off, I washed it and it is permanent, it has nice age to it and the bottom feels somewhat smooth to the touch, it is 29.2 cm high, the inside is caked with dirt on the sides, bottom and upper inside, you can see in some areas in side the white ground, I wasn't sure at first is this was Chinese, I thought it could be Japanese from the bottom but after looking at some examples I think is is Chinese I could not find anything that was a perfect match, I would like to know how old you think it is and where it might  have been made, thanks.


Here are the rest of the photo's to view, thanks again for all your help.


Hi Stan,
This does not look like a burial object, whether it was excavated or not is a different matter. What dirt? If it is the dark color in the crackles, that can also be found on other objects. Traces from soil often are reddish or yellowish colored sediment lodged in the pores of the glaze or clay.
Judging by the base I would think it is Ming or early Qing, Ming would be most likely in my view. That is Chilong with a split tail, one of the nine dragons.

If you want to get it clean you can try extended soaking in a dish washing solution but I would not. The only things worth cleaning would be the garlic head and base. But I would avoid trying to get the whole vase all white as it may affect value. Always check first closely for repairs, as they may disintegrate if any, when strong cleaners are used.


Thanks Peter, I new it was old but that is good news, Ming to early Qing, this is definitely staying in my collection, thanks again.