Nice Daoguang vase

Started by williamh, Nov 22, 2017, 10:55:01

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This is a vase I found. I have seen many other vases online with similar decorations but I am just a novice and I'd like your help to confirm the authenticity of this vase. Thanks


Looks new to me with printed decoration, printed mark, and pristine base.



Thank you Bokaba for you time . I might be a novice but I can make the difference between hand painted and printed. This is hand painted. I am very interested in this one because it comes from a collection with known genuine ceramic pieces.


Hi Williamh, could you post a close up of the decoration and one of the foot rim at an anglel and any age signs present, thanks, Bokaba is right the foot rim looks to pristine and the foot is not correct to for Qing period, additional photo's could verify this.